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Basic Guide to Finding A Sublease

There is a lot to consider when searching for the perfect sublease. Now that you have decided you are going to live off campus read on. Before jumping to any conclusions you should make sure you have covered all the bases, such as selecting your roommate(s), choosing a price range that fits, and signing the proper documents. Here is a quick guide to finding a great sublease:

Get Orgainzed

  • Start Early. The key to finding a sublease is starting early. As soon as subleases begin becoming available, you should get at it.
  • Pick Your Roomate(s). You must determine who your roommates are going to be. Be sure to pick people you are compatible and feel comfortable living with.
  • Determine a price range and stick with it. You can waste a lot of time searching for places you or your roommate(s) can't afford.

Be sure to visit early and often. You can search by several different criteria, allowing you to find the best possible sublease at the right price and in the right area. You can even see pictures of the place without taking the time to drive there. New listings are added daily, so check it out circadian. After all, it is free.

Look Around Campus

As you walk to class, you should take notice of flyers posted on bulletin boards that contain sublease information. While these are extremely popular and a great source of potential subleases, they have their drawbacks. It is hard to find the perfect place by simply looking at a flyer that reads "2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom for lease. Nice!" Generally, flyers don't have pictures and remain on bulleting boards long after a place has been leased. Flyers can work great, but should be used in conjunction with other resources.

Talk with Friends

Sometimes your friends may have the perfect place for you or know somebody who does. So ask early and often and make sure they know you are looking to find a sublease.

Consult the Classifieds

Check your school newspapers classified ads to see what subleases may be available in your area. This is an excellent place to look, but you will again run into brief descriptions, outdated ads, and no pictures. That is not to say you cannot find the perfect sublease in the classifieds, but don't limit your search to the newspaper.


Once you and your roommate(s) have found the perfect sublease, be sure you are protected by signing the necessary documents. Get the terms of your lease in writing, signed by both parties. More than likely, this will never come into play, but it is nice to have should problems arise. Should you sign anything?

Finding a sublease to meet your needs can be a challenging, but knowing how to search is the key. There are several resources at your disposal so be sure to exhaust them all. Start searching now for the perfect sublease.


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